Achieve Volume and Texture in Your Hair with WILDE by Oscar: A Gentle Approach to Styling

When it comes to hair styling, achieving volume and texture is a common desire, but it often comes at the cost of damaging your hair with excessive heat and styling tools. However, with WILDE by Oscar's innovative range of hair products, you can create stunning volume and texture without compromising the health of your hair. Let's explore some of their products and the botanical ingredients that make them effective, so you can achieve your desired look while keeping your hair silky-smooth and healthy.

UV + Thermal Protectant: Davidson Plum + Hemp Seed
WILDE by Oscar's UV + Thermal Protectant is a must-have product for all hair types, especially for those exposed to sun and frequent heat styling. Formulated with the nourishing extracts of Davidson Plum and Hemp Seed, this protectant shields your hair from harmful UV rays and extreme heat damage. The Davidson Plum extract is rich in antioxidants, which help combat free radicals and prevent damage caused by environmental stressors. Meanwhile, Hemp Seed extract provides essential fatty acids that deeply moisturise and restore your hair's natural shine. By using this protectant, you can enjoy voluminous and textured hair without worrying about heat-related damage.

Texturising Tonic: Sea Salt + Hemp Seed
WILDE by Oscar's Texturising Tonic is perfect for all hair types, particularly those that crave more texture and layers. Enriched with Sea Salt and Hemp Seed extract, this tonic invigorates your hair's natural form, giving it the desired texture and body. Sea Salt helps to create beachy waves and enhances the natural movement of your hair. Additionally, Hemp Seed extract provides nourishment and moisture, ensuring that your hair remains healthy and lustrous. With this texturising tonic, you can effortlessly achieve the coveted tousled look, adding dimension and volume to your style.

Volumising + Thickening Tonic: Waratah Bloom + Hemp Seed
For those seeking a volume boost, WILDE by Oscar's Volumising + Thickening Tonic is the ideal solution. Suitable for all hair types, this tonic is infused with the hydrating benefits of Waratah and Hemp Seed extracts. The Waratah extract, known for its moisturizing properties, works harmoniously with Hemp Seed extract to provide hydration and nourishment to your hair, giving it a thicker and healthier appearance. With increased root support, this volumising tonic amplifies your hair's wearability, restoring vivacity to your locks. Say goodbye to flat, lifeless hair and welcome voluminous, bouncy locks.

Thanks to WILDE by Oscar's range of hair products, you can achieve volume and texture in your hair without sacrificing its health. By incorporating botanical ingredients like Davidson Plum, Sea Salt, Hemp Seed, and Waratah extracts, these products deliver outstanding results while nourishing and protecting your hair. To experience the benefits of WILDE by Oscar for yourself, visit Oscar Oscar Salons or shop online at Embrace your hair's natural beauty and elevate your styling game with these gentle yet effective hair care solutions.

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