Embrace Regal Elegance with the Slicked-Back Bun: Get the Look with WILDE by Oscar

Nothing epitomises the essence of Los Angeles wellness royalty quite like a flawlessly executed slicked-back bun. Recently, Gwyneth Paltrow graced an awards ceremony in Los Angeles, capturing attention with her ultra-smooth hairstyle. This immaculate up-do, featuring a side part and a stylish knot at the nape of her neck, exuded an aura of sophistication and quiet luxury. Inspired by the favoured hairstyles of gym enthusiasts practicing yoga or Pilates, Paltrow's elevated rendition showcases the perfect fusion of simplicity, understated beauty, and refined elegance.

Master the Art of the Slicked-Back Bun: To achieve this coveted look, one must embrace the right techniques and the perfect styling products. Fortunately, with WILDE by Oscar's Shaping Clay and Moisture Revival Oil, you can effortlessly recreate this regal hairstyle in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Start with Clean, Moisturised Hair: Begin by washing your hair thoroughly with either WILDE by Oscar Moisture Restore or Protein Revive Shampoo and Conditioner to achieve a healthy, vibrant foundation. WILDE by Oscar's Moisture Revival Oil works wonders in providing deep hydration and revitalisation, ensuring your locks radiate natural shine.

  2. Prep and Protect: Before styling, apply WILDE by Oscar UV & Thermal Protectant spray to shield your hair from potential damage caused by heat styling tools. This step is essential to maintain the overall health and integrity of your tresses.

  3. Sleek Back with Shaping Clay: Take a small amount of WILDE by Oscar's Shaping Clay and warm it between your palms. Gently work the clay through your hair, focusing on the roots and mid-lengths. This premium styling product provides excellent hold and a matte finish, allowing you to mold your hair into a sleek, polished look.

  4. Parting Preference: Choose between a side or center part, depending on your personal style and facial features. Gwyneth Paltrow's side part exudes timeless elegance, while Elle Fanning's center part adds a touch of youthful charm. Experiment and find the perfect parting that accentuates your features.

  5. Knot it Up: Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and secure it into a low ponytail. Twist the ponytail into a knot, tucking the ends underneath and securing it with bobby pins. This knot adds a chic and sophisticated touch to the overall look.

  6. Finishing Touches: Ensure your hairstyle stays in place throughout the day by finishing with small amount of WILDE by Oscar Shaping Clay mixed with a pump of our Moisture Revival Oil. This will provide extra hold without compromising the natural appearance.

Elevate Your Style with Accessories: Enhance the allure of your slicked-back bun by incorporating exquisite accessories. Gwyneth Paltrow's choice of pearl and diamond piercings and ear cuffs beautifully complemented her regal hairstyle, further enhancing the aura of quiet luxury. Explore various adornments that resonate with your personal style, allowing them to add a touch of glamour to your overall look.

The slicked-back bun, as showcased by Gwyneth Paltrow and Elle Fanning, embodies the epitome of Los Angeles wellness royalty. This hairstyle exudes quiet luxury, simplicity, and elegance, all while drawing attention to your luminous skin and creating a lifted appearance. By using WILDE by Oscar's Shaping Clay and Moisture Revival Oil, you can effortlessly recreate this regal look at home. Embrace the sleek sophistication of the slicked-back bun and let your inner wellness queen shine.

WILDE by Oscar products are exclusively available at Oscar Oscar Salons and online at wilde.hair.

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