Had enough of Monday mornings? Let us show you how to always have amazing hair, no matter the day!

Welcome to WILDE by Oscar, your go-to for healthy, stylish hair all day every day! Start Monday right with our specially designed products that nourish, protect, and revamp your locks. From the Protein Revival Masque to protect and rejuvenate colour or heat-damaged hair to Moisture Revive Oil for extra gloss and shine, there’s something here to help keep you looking your best throughout the week. So why not give your Monday a boost with WILDE by Oscar? You’ll be ready to take on the world in no time! Read on for our five-point guide to getting things started right…

  1. Kickstart your week with WILDE by Oscar Protein Revival Masque, the perfect solution for colour or heat-damaged hair. Infused with the best botanical ingredients to revive and restore, your hair will be left feeling soft and nourished. Use this luxurious masque once a week as part of your regular routine for hair that looks and feels fabulous every time! Begin your week feeling rejuvenated and refreshed with WILDE by Oscar Protein Revival Masque – you won't regret it!
  2. Wash away the weekend with WILDE by Oscar Moisture Restore Shampoo & Conditioner, infused with the power of Hemp for additional vitamins to leave your hair looking healthy and glossy. This specially designed formula helps to hydrate, strengthen and protect each strand from root to tip. Use daily as part of your routine for beautiful locks that will last throughout the week. So why not give your Monday a boost with WILDE by Oscar? You’ll be ready to take on the world in no time!
  3. Equip yourself to take on anything the world can throw at you with WILDE by Oscar UV & Thermal Protectant. This daily-use product offers dual protection from both the sun's damaging rays and all hairstyling tools. Rely on it for consistent shine and smoothness, as well as maximum hair quality! With this powerful protectant boosting your hair every day, there is no limit to where you'll go!
  4. Transform your locks with WILDE by Oscar Volumiser & Thickening Tonic - the perfect solution to effortlessly add volume and guaranteed all-day hold. This extraordinary formula strengthens, nourishes, and safeguards each strand of hair for a luxurious result every time. So why not upgrade your regular haircare routine with WILDE? Master any meeting with a fabulous-looking mane!
  5. Finish up your weekly routine with WILDE by Oscar Shaping Clay and Moisture Revive Oil, perfect for creating sculptured styles as well as overall hair health, gloss, and shine. The oil helps to nourish and protect while the clay introduces texture, volume, and definition. So why not give your Monday a boost with WILDE by Oscar? You’ll be ready to take on the world in no time! 

So why wait? Start your week off right with this five-step guide you can now enjoy great hair all week long - feel good with great hair! Nature and science come together at WILDE by Oscar delivering 3x healthier hair with salon-quality products every day! Discover WILDE by Oscar professional use products that will have you ready to take on the world in no time. Give yourself a boost and join the WILDE by Oscar fan club today for beautiful locks that last!

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The perfect blend of nature and science. A luxurious line of haircare innovatively designed to revitalize, transform, and protect your hair from the harsh environment.