One use and you'll be hooked!

Not sure how to turn your fine hair from flat to fabulous? WILDE by Oscar's is the answer! Its luxurious formula, packed with natural oils like Waratah Bloom and Hemp Seed, will give you thick tresses in a matter of minutes. One use -that’s all it takes- and you'll be totally hooked on this volumising & thickening tonic for good!


Get Luxurious Thickness with WILDE by Oscar

For those with fine, limp hair looking for luxurious thickness, WILDE by Oscar’s Volumising & Thickening Tonic is the answer. This luxurious tonic has been carefully formulated to combine the nourishing power of Waratah Bloom and Hemp Seed Oil with other natural oils that work together to give you visible results in minutes. All you need is one use for dramatically thicker-looking locks! You’ll be amazed at how luxurious your hair looks and feels after just one application - no more spending hours trying to achieve the perfect look. Unlock your hair's volumising potential with WILDE by Oscar’s Volumising & Thickening Tonic!   Let's get glam!


Waratah Bloom & Hemp Seed oil for the healthiest scalp

Waratah Bloom is a native flower that has been used for centuries for its nourishing and restorative properties. Hemp Seed Oil, on the other hand, is rich in essential fatty acids that can help boost hair growth and improve scalp health. Together with other natural oils, WILDE by Oscar’s Volumising & Thickening Tonic provides luxurious thickness and volume to fine hair like no other product on the market. Not only does it provide immediate results, but it also helps aid in future hair growth and keeps your locks looking full and radiant all day long! So if you’re looking for luxurious thickness without compromising on quality or style, WILDE by Oscar’s Volumising & Thickening Tonic is the perfect product for you. Give your hair an instant boost and unlock its true volumising potential with WILDE by Oscar’s Volumising & Thickening Tonic! Get ready to be wowed!


One simple step for luxurious locks

Unleash the volumising power of WILDE by Oscar’s Volumising & Thickening Tonic! It's easy to use and will give you amazing, luxurious volume in no time. Just apply the tonic onto damp hair starting from your roots, blow-dry or let it air dry for an effortless look, and follow up with our Moisture Revive Oil to smooth flyaways. With just one use you'll be amazed at how thick your hair looks - so don't wait any longer! Get ready to experience unbelievable thickness today!


Take action!

You can find WILDE by Oscar’s Volumising & Thickening Tonic online or at all Oscar Oscar Salons. So don’t wait - give fine hair the luxurious thickness it deserves. Unlock your hair's volumising and thickening potential with WILDE by Oscar Volumising & Thickening Tonic! Experience luxurious locks that will leave everyone envious of your lusciously full mane. Make a statement today and unleash the glamorous queen within; try it now to see what all the buzz is about!



The perfect blend of nature and science. A luxurious line of haircare innovatively designed to revitalize, transform, and protect your hair from the harsh environment.