Volumisier + Thickening Tonic: How It Works!

Get The Look - Celebrity Styling! Volumisier + Thickening Tonic: How It Works + Styles To Inspire Your Creativity!

Volumising hair products have become a staple in many people's beauty routines. But do you know how they work? Let's break it down and discuss the science behind volumizing hair products and how they create beautiful, full hair. We will also showcase some hairstyles to inspire your creativity when using WILDE by Oscar Volumiser & Thickening Tonic. Learn how WILDE by Oscar products can help you achieve the perfect look!

Put it in layman's terms: Volumising products typically contain ingredients that provide hold and lift hair. The best volumisers also have cationic charges to give extra volume without weighing down the strands. There are also additional ingredients that are used to address concerns associated with flat, limp, and fine hair. Several components work together to create fuller, shinier hair, such as oil-control compounds (prevent sebum from weighing down hair), strengthen the hair cortex, and coat the hair. WILDE by Oscar Volumiser & Thickening Tonic does it all the best botanical ingredients fortified with the latest scientific developments.

When it comes to volumising your hair, WILDE by Oscar Volumiser & Thickening Tonic has an awesome combination of polymers, proteins and powders that can really do the trick! Polymers add stiffness for lift; quarternized proteins strengthen each strand without weighing them down; starches & talc combine to create friction adding volume.


And if you're looking for a cruelty-free solution lightweight enough not to leave any residue behind? WILDE by Oscar Volumiser & Thickening Tonic has got it covered. Magic in a bottle!

Prep your hair for volumising by ensuring it is clean and free of product buildup. Start by shampooing with either WILDE by Oscar Moisture Restore or Protein Revival Shampoo & Conditioner specifically designed to remove any build-up.

After washing, dry off your hair to 50% and apply WILDE by Oscar Volumiser & Thickening Tonic to your hair for added luxurious volume before styling. To help to protect against heat damage we recommend using our miracle UV+Thermal Heat protectant that will also give hold without weighing down your hair.

For best results, flip your hair over when blow-drying. The heat from your blow dryer will help the product work more efficiently by using gravity. Once your hair is 80-90% dry, use a large round brush or Velcro rollers to achieve the style you want. With quality products volumizing becomes easy and all it takes is following these steps for gorgeous, luscious locks!

Ready to try out these fantastic volumising techniques? Here are some hairstyles you can create with WILDE by Oscar Volumiser & Thickening Tonic!

Get Margot Robbie's look!
Try creating a half-up, half-down top knot with lots of volume and height.

Margot Robbie

Get Jennifer's 90's aesthetic!
You can also create Jennifer Lopez's 90's aesthetic by twisting the wet hair with your fingers, following the natural curl pattern, while working in WILDE by Oscar Volumiser & Thickening Tonic. After the product is fully integrated, blow dry with a diffuser — essential, for controlling the curl — continuously lifting hair from the roots, scrunching it, and topping up with product partway through.

Jennifer Lopez

Get Hailey Bieber style!
Or try a high ponytail like Hailey Bieber with added oomph and sophistication--this is great for any occasion.

Hayley Bieber

No matter what style you choose, WILDE by Oscar Volumiser & Thickening Tonic will keep your hair looking full and luxurious all day long.

So grab try the luxurious WILDE by Oscar Volumiser & Thickening Tonic and get ready to create some beautiful styles! With a little bit of science, quality ingredients, and the right technique, you can have gorgeous hair in no time.

Try out WILDE by Oscar Volumiser & Thickening Tonic for the best volumising experience.

Happy styling!

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