NYE Hair Inspo

No matter your celebration of choice, you can always create a New Year's hairstyle and matching makeup look to turn heads and make sure you look your best for the night. Whether you want to post a picture of your new glam look on social media or stay in bed before midnight, Wilde by Oscar's styling products will help you achieve whatever look you want for the big evening.

From glittery sparkles, braids, volume, extensions and beyond, Wilde by Oscar's has an array of styling products that will give you the perfect hairdo no matter what time of night it is.

If you're looking for some NYE hair inspiration, look no further than Wilde by Oscar's! With their wide selection of high-quality styling products, achieving a luxurious and dazzling New Year's Eve look has never been easier - so be bold and experiment with something different this year! Not only will your hair stay put all night long without any flyaways in sight, but with Wilde by Oscar's styling products your hair will look like it's never looked before - bigger, better and brighter!

Parted and Pinned-Back Curls
If you can't make up your mind between wearing your hair pinned down or loose and airy, do both. Start with loose, soft curls, then use decorative hair pins to press down the pieces around your face. Hero Product: Combine WILDE by Oscar Volumiser and Texture Tonic for the ultimate in staying power and volume.

Parted and Pinned-Back Curls

A Braided Ponytail for New Year's
If you're looking for an easy hairstyle you could pull off yourself but still looks like you paid someone to do it, this braided ponytail hairstyle checks all the boxes. All you need is a WILDE by Oscar Moisture Revival Oil for that sleek, shiny, professional finish.

WILDE Ponytail

The Wavy Faux-Bang for New Year's
The long, wavy tendril manages to be dramatic and romantic, thanks to the extreme side part. If you want KStew's look, you'll need WILDE by Oscar Texture Tonic and Thermal Protectant, a curling iron, plenty of hairspray, and some bobby pins depending on your hair length. Bleach-blonde color: optional.

Wavy Faux-Bang

The Backcombed Blowout
It's so deceptively simple—just a hint of wave and the teeniest of bumps in the back. But when done right, this half-pulled-back blowout (secured with a hidden bobby pin) with a little teasing in the back and some WILDE by Oscar Volumiser can make straight hair the star of the show.

Slicked Down With Soft Waves

Slicked Down With Soft Waves
If you love yourself a soft, loose wave but want to switch it up for a special occasion, try this look that's slicked in the front and soft in the back. Use WILDE by Oscar bristle brush for both slicking your hair and brushing out the curls. Finish with WILDE by Oscar Moisture Revival Oil.

Backcombed Blowout

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