2023 Healthy Hair starts with Masking!

If your ends feel worn out and dry, curls are losing definition, or color looks faded? A hair mask holds the solution! That's why it should be a staple in every haircare routine this year. With regular use of hair masks, you can easily develop healthy habits that will help maintain strong, vibrant locks for years to come!

If you're looking to take your hair game up a notch, look no further than WILDE by Oscar conditioning hair masques. Our supercharged treatments are formulated to penetrate right down into the core of each strand, delivering nourishing ingredients that will instantly transform any type of hair - making it seem like you just walked out of a salon!

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Until recently, hair masks were only viewed as a luxurious treat to give yourself on special occasions. But the concept of self-care has evolved into more than just an occasional indulgence; it's become part of a lifestyle regime! As such, hair masks are now being embraced as essential weekly treatments that your tresses deserve - and need!

With WILDE by Oscar Hair Masques, you can give your hair the luxury treatment it deserves with ease – at home or at your local Oscar Oscar Salon. With WILDE’s incredible blend of oils, proteins, and vitamins, homegrown in our Hemp Farm and delivered straight to your door or salon chair - you won't believe the transformation! So why wait? Make 2023 the year of healthy hair habits by treating yourself to a WILDE by Oscar Hair Masque today! 

Learn more below about WILDE and how it can help get your mane into tip-top shape for 2023. We promise that you won't regret it. Get ready to say hello to shiny, smooth, luxurious locks that will have you feeling the WILDE side of life!

Masking is a beauty trend that has been drastically overlooked for too long! In fact, all hair types can benefit from this practice. 

WILDE by Oscar Hair masque: So what does masking do? |
Well, it's hard to list the ways in which masks don't help your hair! They provide an opportunity for you to start fresh with your locks by undoing harm caused by heat styling, color/chemical treatments, hot showers and products as well as environmental stressors. Put simply: You're missing out if you aren't making masks part of your regular routine.

WILDE by Oscar Hair masque: That extra burst of hydration, hair masks are the answer! 
From using heated tools and UV rays to genetics, there's a multitude of reasons why your tresses may be thirsty. Regular conditioners can help maintain its surface-level appeal but if deep nourishment is what you seek then a mask should become your go-to every weekend. It'll restore lost moisture back into the core so it looks vibrant with added softness and elasticity!

WILDE by Oscar Hair masque: Restore strength and resilience!
Are you seeing a lot of split ends and broken strands due to excessive use of hot tools or color treatments? This indicates that the sulfur bonds in your hair have been compromised, making it weak and brittle. A hair mask can come to rescue by binding with the damaged bonds, returning strength and resilience back into your locks. Make sure you incorporate weekly hair masks as part of your routine for optimal results - this will ensure that your mane never reaches an irreparable breaking point!

WILDE by Oscar Hair masque: Transforms Texture
Hair masks are nothing short of a miracle worker! If you're not using one on weekly basis, you’re missing out on an opportunity for your hair to shine. From straight and wavy to curly, color-treated or damaged - any type of tresses can benefit from this magical treatment that will help it reach its absolute peak. With the rich nourishment they offer, these masks have the power to turn even dry and lifeless locks into glossy and sexy texture in no time at all!

WILDE by Oscar Hair masque: Add major gloss and renew colour vibrancy! 
Not only does a mask penetrate deep into the strands to nourish and hydrate from within, but it also performs miracles on the surface - smoothing out your cuticle for glossy locks that are silky to touch. Plus, its color-refreshing properties make sure you have brilliant vibrancy all day long!

Weekly masks can act like a reset button for your hair, helping it to stay in optimal health. If you don't regularly use masks, the damage accumulates overtime resulting in worse and worse conditions. Even if your hair is untainted by bleach or dye, it still may be damaged from UV rays, hard water or pollution - making regular masking beneficial for all types of tresses.

Which WILDE by Oscar Hair masque is right for me?:
Have you ever tried a mask only to be let down? You're not alone. Most masks are overloaded with heavy ingredients that coat your hair's surface and block active, vital components from entering the scalp and can make hair feel weighed down. Consequently, these masks do nothing for your tresses more than what an everyday conditioner or treatments would provide.

The solution to this crucial problem was unveiled when Australian Hairdressing Icon Oscar Cullinan uncovered the key to hair regeneration, otherwise known as "the silver bullet" - Hemp Seed Oil! Complemented by 7 botanical extracts from Australia like Kakadu Plum and Wattle Seed, along with the most advanced scientific methods for hair care available today, WILDE by Oscar hair masques are compatible with ALL types of hair.

WILDE by Oscar Masques are unlike other masks, incorporating a lightweight texture that quickly penetrates the hair’s cortex to deeply nourish and fortify from within. Forget about heavy residue weighing down your strands; simply give it 5 minutes for optimum results! Plus, you get all of this in one convenient mask - perfect for busy lifestyles!

Unique active ingredients give WILDE by Oscar Masques the power to transform:

Hempseed Oil 
Hemp Seed Oil is a powerhouse of nutrients that not only keeps the scalp hydrated but also delivers intense moisture to hair. Its fatty acids help restore lost proteins and strengthen each strand from root to tip for thicker and healthier-looking locks. Moreover, Hemp Seed Oil helps protect against environmental damage caused by UV rays while reducing frizziness and breakage - plus it stimulates hair growth all with added shine!

Hempseed oil

Kakadu Plum 
Harness the power of Vitamin C and antioxidants with Kakadu Plum to restore your hair's natural luster. Fortified with high levels of Vitamin A, it helps strengthen your follicles for healthy growth that you can see!

Kakadu Plum

Wattle Seed 
Wattle Seed is an effective antifungal that helps treat scalp problems like dandruff and inflammation. It contains a unique mixture of fatty acids, amino acids, calcium, and magnesium which reinforces the hair's elasticity for firmer strands with improved resilience. The seed soothes the scalp while supplying long-lasting hydration to restore your locks' shine and softness.

Wattle Plum

WILDE by Oscar Protein Revival Masque
Is your hair severely lacking in proteins and weakened due to mechanical or chemical damage? Restore its beauty with our ultra-nourishing deep treatment! Infused with protein-rich Wattle Seed, Hemp Seed oil extracts, and some of Australia's most restorative botanicals. This concentrate will help improve the overall elasticity, vigor and strength of your strands. If you're looking for a solution that can revive the proteins in your locks - Protein Revival Masque is definitely it!

WILDE by Oscar Moisture Restore Masque
Transform your normal to dry hair with our ultra-hydrating deep treatment. Enriched with antioxidant-rich Kakadu Plum and fatty acid Hemp Seed oil, this nourishing concentrate will provide a much-needed boost of moisture and shine back into your fragile strands. Help restore life by locking in vital hydration that not only repairs but also brings forth glossiness and vitality for beautiful-looking hair!

Start 2023 right with healthy hair habits and make WILDE by Oscar Masques part of your healthy hair routine. Experience a WILDE by Oscar signature treatment in all Oscar Oscar Salons or purchase WILDE by Oscar Hair Masques in the salon or online for your weekly hair health at home.

The perfect blend of nature and science. A luxurious line of haircare innovatively designed to revitalize, transform, and protect your hair from the harsh environment.