Will the sun harm your hair this summer?

Greetings, Summer 2023! We are ready and eager to enjoy the sun. However, we should also be aware of how it can affect us if not taken into account properly. If we were to ask "Do you wear sunscreen?", there is no doubt that the answer would be a resounding yes! But what about your hair? Our guess would be probably not - Do you know that indeed the sun's rays can cause damage even on our tresses? The answer is yes!

Many of us make sure to use sunscreen every day in order to protect our skin, however not many people are aware that their hair needs daily protection as well. You won't get a sunburn on your hair but don't be fooled - the UV rays can still affect its texture, strength, elasticity and colour over time! Sun damage is sneaky so it's important to take precautionary measures against these harmful effects by using products that provide SPF for your strands. Even if you are simply sitting by a window, UV rays can cause your colour to become faded and the texture weakened. Similarly, curtains or upholstery fabrics in an illuminated room may start to fade without having been treated with "sun-guard" protectants beforehand.

Here at WILDE by Oscar, we're devoted to helping you preserve your hair colour and ensure its longevity. With the summer months in full swing, it's essential that everyone makes sure they are applying "hair sunscreen" just as regularly as their actual sunscreen when spending extended periods of time outdoors. Let's get started!

Let's explore the answer to an age-old question: Can prolonged exposure to the sun harm your hair?

WILDE by Oscar's team of leading hair experts have discovered that excessive exposure to UV light can create numerous issues for your hair. Specifically, the three areas impacted are: your hair’s natural barrier lipids, its internal protein structure, and pigment. In other words- these elements are incredibly essential!

Is it possible for the sun to harm your hair's lipids?

Hair strands naturally contain an outer layer of fatty lipids that serve as a moisture barrier and safeguard against environmental damage. When UVA and UVB rays disrupt this protective coating, your hair is depleted of essential hydration - leading to dehydration, frizziness, loss of lustre and movement. This lipid sheath keeps hair lubricated for optimum slip and sway; when damaged it becomes brittle like straw!

Is your hair at risk of damage from the sun's rays?

Ultraviolet rays not only affect the exterior of your hair, but also can weaken key proteins that make up the internal structure— think of it as its "spinal cord"—which are responsible for maintaining healthy elasticity and strength. Prolonged UVB exposure to these crucial proteins often results in a lack of resilience, leading to split ends and breakage. The worst part? This kind of damage is incurable (the only solution: snip away!).

Is your hair colour at risk of fading due to the sun's harmful UV rays?

UV rays can have a detrimental effect on hair colour, no matter if it's your natural shade or chemically-treated. If you possess untreated "virgin" hair, the darker its hue is due to more melanin present in it - which provides additional sun protection. The pigment of melanin found in dark locks has three unique qualities: 1) darkness; 2) larger size; and 3) abundance compared to that of lighter blonde hues – whose pigmentation comprises of 1) paler colouring; 2) smaller particles that are fragile; and 3) fewer amounts than those found in brunette shades. Consequently, when exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods without adequate UV protection, the melanin molecules will break down easily rendering blondes significantly susceptible against damage from environmental elements such as direct sunshine. As a result of this, light blonde and brunette individuals are graced with luscious, sun-kissed "natural highlights" during the summer months. While these golden hues may look stunning, they can be more delicate than other hair colours and thus require special care to maintain their vibrancy.

If your hair has been coloured or toned, the sun can cause it to appear brassy or fade in hue. This is because ultraviolet rays break down the molecules keeping your locks vibrant and pure. Additionally, previously treated tresses are more susceptible to protein and lipid layer harm due to dehydrating colour treatments already inflicted on them.

What essential items do I need to safeguard my hair from the sun's harmful effects?

Despite what some may tell you, slathering your hair with regular sunscreen won't suffice! SPF is not the same for skin and hair - it does not protect your tresses like it defends your complexion. According to WILDE's team of professionals: "Sun Protection Factor (SPF) measures how long a person can stay in direct sunlight without getting burned which only works for skincare products. There isn't an equivalent valid SPF from UV rays when it comes to caring for one's locks."

In the quest for the perfect hair protection, we suggest seeking out products made with ingredients like Ethylhexyl Salicylate and Octyl Salicylate. These two compounds absorb harmful UV rays that can damage your strands! Here are our top three picks to get you started:

Moisture Revive Oil

Transform your dull, flyaway hair with our revolutionary oil-serum hybrid formula! It works on both the exterior and interior of your locks to guard them from UV harm. On the surface, a clear UV protective barrier is formed around each strand that secures the cuticle while preserving pigments and moisture. Within your tresses, nourishing oils penetrate deep into strands restoring their elasticity and leaving you with soft, supple hair. Get ready for luscious, hydrated locks that are fortified from UV damage. Treat your hair to this nourishing serum packed with Lemon Myrtle and Hemp Seed oil – it will protect, repair, and leave you feeling luxurious with its silky-smoothness! The results? Glossy tresses that look more healthy than ever before.


Our special blend of Davidson Plum and Hemp Seed extract helps to protect your hair from UV radiation as well as extreme heat styling tools. The addition of these two ingredients also improves the overall health of your hair by strengthening it, reducing split ends and breakage, and helping it hold moisture for longer. When using WILDE's UV + Thermal Protectant, your hair will be left feeling smooth and glossy while being protected from the damaging effects of the sun. Furthermore, it adds a protective barrier to help preserve your colour–whether it’s natural or treated!

Moisture Restore Masque

Experience silky, vibrant locks with WILDE's Moisture Restore Masque! Our blend of Kakadu Plum and Hemp Seed oil offers unbeatable protection against breakage while hydrating each strand to revive your hair health. Packed full of antioxidants, this nourishing concentrate helps revitalize tresses so that you can get the luscious locks of your dreams. Whether your mane has been damaged by heat or sun exposure, our unique formula provides a powerful remedy for restoring softness and shine - leaving you looking beautiful for days on end!

Achieve gorgeous hair with ease using WILDE by Oscar! Our products not only protect your locks from the sun's damaging rays, but they also offer a variety of advantages that will keep your hair looking beautiful and healthy. Put an end to UV damage once and for all with WILDE – it's as simple as that!

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