If the start of 2023 has left you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, then a luxurious spa-like bath is just what you need. Take 30 minutes for yourself to rejuvenate from head to toe with these 8 self-care ideas! You'll emerge refreshed and glowing - so don't wait any longer; relax into your own personal haven!


1. Set the mood with a subtle scent
Feel joy instantly with a beloved candle, eucalyptus branches or an essential oil bath bomb - all perfect for evoking positive vibes right away. Some of our favorite scents right now are Diptyque’s Bougie Figuier and HMP BT's Wood & Sea Salt.


2. No phones allowed!

Keep distractions at bay by filtering out loud noises with calming music or white noise courtesy of Spotify or Google Home.


3. Run a bath

Set the temperature to just slightly warmer than body temp (32° – 40°) and relax.


4. Wash your hair

Use salon-quality WILDE by Oscar Moisture Restore or Protein Revival Shampoo for a deep clean that leaves hair fresh and residue-free.


5. Multi-task + multi-mask!

Face: Pamper your skin with luxurious deep cleansing masque-infused with locally sourced botanicals and fortified with peptides that penetrate more effectively in warm, steamy settings. We adore HMP BT Deep Cleansing Botanical Clay Masque because of its unique ability to soothe, smooth, firm AND hydrate your skin for results that won't go unnoticed. Hair: Rehydrate your hair and reinvent your texture with WILDE by Oscar Protein Revival Masque. Unlock a world of luxe, supple, and glossy hair with this deeply penetrating mask that contains an enriching combination of Wattle Seed & Hemp Seed to nourish each strand.


6. Hydrate your inner self, too

Alternate between a glass of wine (for relaxed vibes) or plain H2O (for a healthier body).


7. Close your eyes

Breathe in deeply and let your mind drift into relaxation. Try meditation to reconnect with your inner source. We recommend Insight Timer App for endless free meditation.


8. Wrap up in cushy comfort

Nothing says "self-care" like enveloping yourself in a cozy spa towel or terry robe.


Follow these 8 steps for salon-quality, total relaxation, and enjoy the benefits of healthy hair with WILDE by Oscar Protein Revival Masque – your must-have self-care routine essential!


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