Hair Cycling: what is this new method that promises healthier hair?

If you want increased hair elasticity and resilience, improved shine and softness, as well as more manageable locks read on!

1. Hair Cycling: What is it and why it is becoming increasingly popular?

Hair cycling is a method of caring for hair that has recently become popular with many people, due to its promise of healthier looking and feeling hair. This technique focuses on taking a break from harsh chemicals, such as sulfates and silicones, that can be found in many products used for styling and treating hair. Instead, it involves cycling through different types of products and treatments to give your hair an opportunity to rest before starting up again. In this way, you can ensure that your scalp is always taken care of properly, with all the nutrients it needs to look and feel its best. Let’s take a closer look at what this method entails!

2. Benefits of Hair Cycling: How does the process work to ensure healthier hair over time?

Hair cycling is a great way to ensure healthier hair over time, as it allows your scalp and hair to get the nutrition they need. Through this process, you can give your locks a chance to ‘breathe’ and be free of products that strip away natural oils or cause dryness. Not only does this method give your hair an opportunity to recover from any previous damage, but it also helps promote growth as well. Additionally, by using different kinds of treatments throughout the cycle, you are able to provide some variety in terms of nutrition for your scalp and make sure all areas are being taken care of properly. All these benefits combined result in beautiful and healthy looking hair that can shine!

3. WILDE by Oscar's role in Hair Cycling: What sets our premium haircare and styling products apart from others on the market?

To maximize your hair cycling process, use WILDE by Oscar's professional haircare and styling products. Our botanical ingredients work together to not only nourish the scalp but also give you gorgeous results! With Wilde by Oscar, you can rest assured that your locks will be looking their best day after day. Unlike many other brands on the market, our products are free from harsh chemicals and sulphates but still offer a high level of performance for those seeking salon-level results. We have infused our products with botanical ingredients like Hempseed Oil, Kakadu Plum, Lemon Myrtle, Davidson Plum and Waratah Bloom to ensure maximum nourishment for your locks! Our cruelty-free formulas are perfect for those wanting to take an eco-friendly approach to haircare. This makes our products ideal for people looking to take extra care of their hair without compromising on quality.

4. Tips on how to start Hair Cycling: What are some of the best practices that should be followed in order to get the most out of this method?

  • First of all, start with a routine of purification of the scalp focusing on a scrub, a resurfacing shampoo, and a WILDE by Oscar moisturising treatment (conditioner or mask). This first habit will allow you to install a good base so that your scalp can fully absorb the active ingredients of the shampoo.
  • After a few days or one week, depending upon your usual routines, use restorative care for the next hair wash. Just like hyaluronic acid is used to rejuvenate skin's appearance, restorative care will revive and restore your hair's beauty. Alternate between WILDE by Oscar Protein Revival Masque and the Moisture Restore Masque to ensure your hair and scalp are getting the best possible nutrients at all times
  • To address unique needs, the third wash offers a personalized solution. Make stubborn frizz disappear or give limp locks extra volume with ease - this has everything for you! If your hair is regularly exposed to bleaching activities, our Protein Revival Range will help maintain its condition and strength. To battle persistent frizz and inject body into tresses, we recommend using Moisture Restore Shampoo & Conditioner in combination with WILDE by Oscar Moisture Revive Oil after blow drying; resulting in a glossy shine that lasts all day long!
  • So, what do we do now? Just like the Skin Cycling method, let's begin Stage 1 again. If you used Moisture Restore last cycle, switch to Protein Revive this time - it will guarantee your hair is full of essential nutrients that promote growth and thickness while diminishing breakage and restoring its shine! Let’s get started!


To summarize, hair cycling can give you enhanced elasticity and resiliency, glossy shine, softness to the touch, plus more manageable tresses. By using top-tier haircare products like WILDE by Oscar's collection it is possible to reverse the harm caused due to over processing or damaging styling. The secret is being attentive when you use these products and taking time in between for your locks' rest periods.

If you're starting your hair transformation journey, WILDE by Oscar's range is the ideal choice. The sumptuous ingredients strengthen and nourish locks while still keeping them lightweight. When it comes to coloured-treated hair, our Protein Revive Shampoo & Conditioner is an unbeatable selection in order to keep those tresses looking lively for longer! Additionally, WILDE by Oscar's Moisture Revive Oil is perfect for those who wish to restore moisture lost due to heat styling or frequent shampooing. With the right haircare routine, you can expect healthier and more manageable hair in no time. Ultimately, you can achieve healthier hair for longer with Hair Cycling and WILDE by Oscar's range of luxurious haircare and styling products. WILDE by Oscar is committed to providing you with cutting-edge haircare solutions. From its superior ingredients that nourish and fortify locks without adding any heaviness - this brand will give you a luxurious and effective hair cycling experience. Begin your journey towards luscious, healthy hair now!

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